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Our goal is to accelerate the energy transition through improved processes and modern design methods in the field of photovoltaics.
Yumoso, an innovative startup, is revolutionizing solar carport construction with a patented, scalable, and quick-to-build system. Our unique solution disrupts the traditional construction process, significantly reduces construction times, and addresses the skills shortage. This novel approach enables companies to quickly improve their green infrastructure and paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.
What if there is a way to achieve all this?
  • Quality
    German standards and certified construction.
  • Time and cost saving
    Quick build system with minimal labor.
  • Cost-efficient and independent
    Self-produced, cheap electricity, less dependent on fluctuating prices.
  • Sustainability
    Improve your ESG rating.
  • Weather resistant
    Protection for any climate.
  • Long term investment
    Break-even after 8 years.
With Yumoso there is this all in one solution!
Our solar carport
is a prefabricated rapid construction system that reduces construction time, saves costs, and is additively adaptable to parking lot size!
Our Design
is designed to drastically reduce on-site assembly effort. This not only results in significant savings in construction time and costs, but also optimizes the use of labor. Thanks to our modular approach, you and I could even assemble the carport ourselves, like a modular system.
We use free parking space for power generation!
Maximize your sales potential by making the most of existing open spaces.
Our Team
Founder / CEO
Hey, I'm Florian, the CEO of Yumoso. When I'm not looking for adrenaline surfing or sailing, I focus on what I do best: strategic management. My studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, coupled with semesters abroad at Bocconi University and HEC Montreal, not only gave me the kick of strategic expertise, but also built a solid network. I met Ole over 8 years ago while sailing and now, together we are setting the course for Yumoso!
Founder / COO
My name is Ole! Besides my many years of success in sailing, I have a knack for economics and civil engineering. My time in various project development companies has shaped my practical expertise. Today, I use these skills to manage and coordinate Yumoso's operations. With Flo, I'm making waves in the renewable energy and building construction industry!
Founder / CTO
Hi, I'm Egon, the CTO of Yumoso. Even during my time on the Formula Team at TU Berlin, I knew that my passion lay in working with technology and innovation. After passing my mechanical engineering studies with flying colors, I now dedicate myself to design and development at Yumoso. Here I make sure that our core is always up to date and drives our vision.
Junior Engineer
Moin, I'm Fiete! When I'm not at the net playing volleyball, I give life to designs, calculations and innovations at Yumoso. My studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Rostock have given me the necessary tools to support Egon in his work. Together we strive to take Yumoso to the next level!
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